White Light


Christian Duell is a design strategist, social entrepreneur and part-time musician. He is the founder of design consultancy White Light and the Be Awesome social initiative and is the immediate past Manager of the Asia Pacific Design Library.

As the Manager of the Asia Pacific Design Library at the State Library of Queensland, Christian explored opportunities to connect and engage industry, academia and the public in the generation of new ideas and content centred on design in the Asia Pacific. In 2012, through State Library of Queensland Christian lead the launch of ‘Design Minds’, a unique online platform that promotes the role of design thinking in 21st century learning. Following its launch, Christian actively promoted ‘Design Minds’ across schools in Queensland and internationally at events in Norway and Singapore.

Previously, Christian practiced as an architect from 2006-2010 gaining qualifications from Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland.

Christian is passionate about the opportunities that arise through travel, collaboration, chance encounters and new relationships formed across a range of creative fields. He continues to explore these opportunities through education, design, art, research and music.