White Light believes in the inherent creativity of each individual and the wisdom within each group.
We harness a range of powerful design approaches to collectively solve society’s biggest challenges.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is design applied to anything. Design Thinking takes the traditional notion of design as a noun (the world of shiny objects) and applies it as a verb to any complex problem that requires a new way of thinking.

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Human-centred Design

Human-centred Design is an approach to design that places a client, consumer or customer at the centre of the design process, to improve a product, service or program.

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Co-Design is an approach to design that seeks to actively and strategically involve all relevant stakeholders in the design process, to ensure the outcomes are sustainable and meet the needs of all people involved.

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Design Counsel

Design Counsel is corporate coaching undertaken in a safe space outside of the traditional work environment. Clients are supported using creative tools, to unpack the complexity of their day-to-day role in order to navigate a positive way forward.

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Case Studies

Christian facilitated a recent series of co-design sprints for the Department of Education and Training which were hugely successful. Christian was able to understand the group and align the course design process to achieve our objectives. We then co-designed a showcase event where prototypes were presented to a large audience. The momentum that has developed since the showcase is exciting and motivating. Thanks Christian for your guidance, wisdom and support. Looking forward to working with you again.

Anthony Raitman

Area Director Executive, Department of Education & Training, Victoria

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