Co-Design builds on the principles, process and tools of Design Thinking and Human-centred Design to create a deeply collaborative experience for all involved. While we can design for people or even at times with people (through consultation), Co-Design believes that a lived experience can be the best qualification for a design team. Through a Co-Design process solutions are designed for, with and by the people who will live with these solutions.

White Light’s approach to Co-Design is simple: nothing about us without us.

Although a Co-Design approach can be challenging, by redistributing the balance of power to ensure that all relevant voices are included, solutions become more meaningful and sustainable in the long term.

White Light currently offers a range of services related to Co-Design, including:

  • Introduction to Co-Design Workshop (2.5 hour workshop)
  • Introduction to Co-Design Facilitation Workshop (2.5 hour workshop)
  • The Co-Design Program (8 x session program, facilitated over 5 or 8 weeks)
  • A range of downloadable toolkits and templates
  • Tailored Co-Design workshops, training and coaching as well as project design and delivery

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