Introduction to Design Thinking (online)

Delivered online through Zoom. Thursday 29 July 2020 10am – 12:30pm AEST. 

Design Thinking is a creative approach to problem-solving that can be used to explore any complex problem (otherwise known as a “wicked problem”).


This introductory workshop follows a rapid and simplified Design Thinking process and explores some of the key principles of Design Thinking by moving through activities that clarify a problem area, explore optimistic opportunities, develop creative ideas as possible solutions, test these ideas through rapid-prototyping and commit to acting on implementing these ideas in some way. This workshop has been run successfully with thousand of participants from diverse backgrounds across Australia.


  1. Welcome and framing around the principles and process of Design Thinking and an icebreaker exercise.
  2. Understanding a problem from the perspective of an end user through an empathy exercise.
  3. Turning a problem from “What’s Not Working for Whom?” into an optimistic opportunity through a “How Might We…” question.
  4. Good idea / bad idea challenge: group, rapid generation of ideas and potentials solutions that explore the opportunity.
  5. Selection of a “moonshot” idea and create a rapid prototype, to present to the rest of the group.
  6. Final reflection and evaluation with participants sharing a commitment to one small action with an accountability partner.

This workshop will continue with an optional extra 30mins of Q&A with your facilitator. Feel free to stick around and ask a question to help you on your Design Thinking Journey ahead!


  • You will receive a PDF copy of all slides and resources used during the workshop.
  • You will be able to share and replicate the Design Thinking tools and activities you have practiced during the workshop when you return to their everyday working environment.
  • You will have a sense that a problem area has been progressed in some way and a sense of how momentum might continue to improve the problem area following the workshop.
  • You will have had fun!

About Your Facilitator:

Christian Duell is an award-winning educator, facilitator and social entrepreneur. He is the founder of White Light Education and former Manager of the Asia Pacific Design Library. With a background in architecture, Christian has over 15 years of design education and facilitation experience from across a wide range of contexts. Christian is passionate about empowering individuals and organisations, through the tools of creativity, to have greater freedom and quality of choice. He specialises in offering facilitation and training in the areas of design thinking, human-centred design and co-design, with a focus on tackling complex social challenges.


“I found the workshop surprisingly useful! I say surprising because I have been to a number of similar workshops and they are often less helpful than this was. The design thinking aspect was a great fit with our cohort, and I really appreciated the link to the way designers view the world. There was a good mix of personal and group focussed activities, so one could feel good about looking after both aspects of the self at work.”John de Manincor, University of Queensland

“I really enjoyed Christian’s design thinking workshop, he does an excellent job in explaining why he is running them in the current academic climate. After doing the workshop for the first time, I went back to my PhD and used the design thinking principles on my project because I felt like they were tools you can apply to any problem worth solving. It was definitely refreshing to approach my project in another way, which made a lot of sense and made me wonder why they’re not teaching design thinking on a wider level rather than only to those that seek it or stumble across it as a way of making up hours for a degree.”Steph Huang, Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Click here to learn more about White Light Education’s approach to Design Thinking.



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