Reflecting on the 2017 Journey: Allie Armitage & Christian Duell

As self awareness / personal growth nerds, Allie Armitage and I have been meeting virtually for nearly three years, helping to support one another from across the globe to build the meaningful lives we crave. There is literally no way I’d be on the path I am, or believe what I believe to be possible, without the support of amazing people like Allie in my life.

The entrepreneurial journey can often be a lonely one, so every fortnight we have been creating deep and inspiring conversations that empower us to learn more about ourselves and equip us with the concrete actions we need to take to carve the life we want to live. In what is becoming an annual tradition, we wanted to open up a conversation of sharing our reflections on 2017 and offering the deep lessons, insights, themes that we gathered from going through the highs and the lows of this year.

Some of the themes we touch on:

  • The unseen chaos going on in the background
  • Being imperfect and accepting it
  • Admitting vulnerability
  • Choosing love even when it’s hard
  • Having fierce conversations
  • What can I let go of more fully?
  • Staying in true alignment to what we believe
  • Learning from difficult relationships & letting go of judgement

Learn more about Allie’s work here:

Listen to our 2016 reflection conversation here:


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